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‘UNA is a project of London-based singer songwriter Barbara ‘Saeva’ Diana (, which aims at bringing together the creativity and skills of musicians from different backgrounds, from classical to jazz to rock and traditional music. The result is a unique mixture of text-led acoustic music that can only be defined as ‘eclectic’. Each musician brings with their skills, talent, expertise and individuality a new level of inspiration, leaving their personal mark on the final result.   The name of the project, 'UNA, which in different languages means 'one' but also 'together', aims to reflect this integration of individualities. 

The focus is Barbara’s very distinctive voice, a voice that seem to defy labels and definition, and that has been at one time described as ‘half-Callas, half-Carole King’. With a background in opera and music theatre, as well as Renaissance polyphony, it is a voice full of character and power that can at the same time express the simplicity required by a folk song, and is able to uplift the listener. This is most evident when she performs the songs on her own, with nothing left to hide behind, pared-back and laid bare.

‘UNA has just released a new album of original songs, ‘Ifs’, which includes the single ‘See Beauty’. The album was produced by Riccardo Damian, who has recently won a Grammy with Mark Ronson for Uptown Funk.

In 2015 Barbara has written the music for #Haters, a new play by Emilia Teglia, in which she has also performed.


‘Amongst the eight tracks one finds at least three pearls which invite repeated listening. First of all the opening track (and single) “See Beauty”, a song that strikes you for the vocal qualities of the singer, at once sweet and decisive, and for the arrangement, which enhances Ian Noonan’s excellent sax. Then “Lost”, a song with delicate colours painted by Milly McGregor’s violin and Jonathan Walker’s piano. But above all “Lullaby”, a refined and delicate piece, perhaps the best in the whole album.’
Giorgio Pezzana

‘Ifs from ‘UNA: an amalgam of musical textures and consistencies’
Charlie Elland, FolkWords

‘A wonderful and worldy-sounding voice’
Adam Taylor , Cracklefeedback

Ernesto Tomasini

Reactions to #Haters:

‘The issue is real and present, brought to the stage with powerful intensity, humour, wonderful music and stunning set.’
Andrew Bradley, 27

‘Amazing performance, engaging and funny script, great direction, lovely set and the music absolutely stole the show!’
Petia Tzanova, 29